Dangerous Seductress
Indonesia / 1992
Directed by "John Miller" (H. Tjut Djalil)
Tonya Offer
Amy Weber
Kristin Anin
Color / 94 Minutes / Not Rated
Format: DVD / R0 - NTSC
Mondo Macabro
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Review by
Brian Lindsey
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SNEAK PREVIEW | DVD Release Date: Nov. 16, 2004
Mondo Macabro follows up its September release of Lady Terminator with another gonzo exploitation film from Indonesia, 1992's Dangerous Seductress. This one's somewhat restrained compared to its predecessor, at times coming off more like a special Halloween episode of Silk Stalkings rather than an out-an-out horror/sex flick. Levels of gore and (especially) nudity have been ratcheted down a notch or two... Some outrageously cheesy scenes won't fail to raise eyebrows and provide laughs, however. If you enjoyed the oddball insanity of Lady Terminator then you'll likely find this flick quite entertaining as well.
The movie starts with an unintentionally comic bang as a trio of jewel thieves makes a high-speed getaway after a robbery, the Jakarta cops hot on their tail. They exchange fusillades of literally thousands of bullets with their pursuers (miraculously without vehicles or passengers taking mortal damage) while the gang's leader curses and punches out the driver the whole time. Eventually the crook riding in the back seat is fatally hit; the harried wheel man loses control of the car which crashes spectacularly in an ancient graveyard, killing him and the boss. The severed finger of one of the dead criminals, still wearing a ring stolen in the robbery, then comes to life...
To be honest, I'm still scratching my head over the bit with the reanimated, disembodied finger. Obviously the ring is supposed to have magical properties, as does the ornate mirror compact to which the finger 'strolls' over to and jumps inside. (I am not kidding.) Activated by the dead men's blood, these objects summon the spirit of the Queen of Darkness from the nether regions of Hell
her rotted, skeletal corpse claws its way up from the moldy earth of the cemetery. In the film's best effects sequence the undead revenant begins to reconstitute itself, growing new flesh over old bones a la Hellraiser. Needing blood to complete the transformation, the Queen (Son of the Beach's Amy Weber) decapitates and exsanguinates a dog that trots up and starts gnawing on her leg! But it's still not enough. She'll need a servant to procure more.
Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, buxom blonde Susan (Tanya Offer) is brutally raped and beaten by her slimeball husband on their wedding anniversary. Bruised and battered, she contacts her sister Linda (Kristin Anin)
a fashion model/actress working in Indonesia for help. Flying to Jakarta, Susan moves in with Linda to recuperate and get her head together. While Linda is off in Bali for a bikini photo shoot, Susan peruses an old book of Sumatran occult practices that Sis left lying around the house. Compelled by the Dark Queen to recite a particular spell from the book (yep, the cemetery is right across the street), Susan is possessed by the witch's evil spirit, turning her into a man-hungry vixen with a glowing, magic tattoo on her breast. The haughty Queen appears to her in a mirror, promising Susan eternal beauty and power over men as long as she serves her. Raiding Linda's closet for a succession of slinky outfits and sexy lingerie, our dangerous seductress starts cruising the bars and nightclubs of the city in search of fresh blood for her mistress... Not surprisingly, this femme fatale with the big bouncy boobs doesn't have any trouble picking up an assortment of guys all too eager to think with the wrong head. (One idiot is raked across the chest with a fish hook Susan hungrily lapping up the blood and still can't resist her sexual charms! I, for one, would be having second thoughts at that point...) After the kill she returns to the mirror and cuts her own throat, the Dark Queen absorbing the blood through the glass and instantly healing the wound. Eventually a Jakarta cop gets on Susan's trail; then her horrible hubby shows up in town, thinking he can pick up where he left off. (He has a rude surprise in store for him.) Can Linda and her Indonesian boyfriend break the evil spell and save Susan from the Queen of Darkness?
Unlike Lady Terminator, the filmmakers did not attempt to pass off Jakarta as 'Any City, U.S.A.' Most of the cast is either American or Australian and everyone speaks their dialog in English. Fortunately the acting is just as inept, making the silly dialog that much more humorous. ("We're here to pick up chicks, not to scare ourselves into a monastery!" cracks one of a trio of Australian teens who are lured to a meatpacking plant and slaughtered.) Ditto for the over-the-top, continuity error-plagued action scenes that bookend the movie. They're in the same frenetically funny tradition, which isn't surprising since both Lady Terminator and Dangerous Seductress were directed by H. Tjut Djalil, albiet under different aliases. Other than the regeneration scene (see below), the special effects are delightfully cheap and cheesy, too. (For no logical reason, the Queen is occasionally shown as a flying severed head
shades of Mystics of Bali even though she's already reconstituted her form.)
Regrettably, the middle portion of the flick is padded at every other turn with pointless disco dancing and MTV-style bikini photo shoots
even a game of billiards. (Apparently demonic possession makes you good at pool!) I wouldn't have grown as bored with all this if the ladies had gotten naked now and then... My chief disappointment with Dangerous Seductress is that it fails to deliver the female flesh. Kristin Anin is gorgeous; Tonya Offer (aka Lawson) is cute and stacked, with great gams. Why not show us what you've really got, girls? As the possessed Susan, Offer struts around in high heels and a thong but that's about the extent of it. Shapely Amy Weber, as the evil Queen, spends a sizable amount of screen time naked but her naughty bits are obscured by superimposed 'ectoplasm'. (Power Pasties?) Yet despite the letdown, this Indonesian stab at an export-friendly, American-style horror/erotic thriller still offers enough cheesy goodness (or badness, take your pick) to make it worth a spin.

Mondo Macabro's anamorphic 1.78:1 transfer looks remarkably good; a basic but solid stereo mix gives the exaggerated sound effects and chintzy dance club music extra oomph. Extras consist of a step-through text essay on the Indonesian exploitation scene, a filmography of director Djalil, two interview featurettes and a special effects reel with mini-audio commentary. The first featurette (14 min.) is of a sit-down with Djalil, who discusses his career in general and the making of Mystics of Bali, Lady Terminator and Dangerous Seductress in particular. The other (12 min.) is a chat with American special effects artist Steve Prouty (Bram Stoker's Dracula, Blade), who was hired by the Indonesian producers and brought to Jakarta especially for the film's most elaborate makeup/prosthetic effects. He covers his entry into the craft as a teenager and the peculiar creative/budgetary challenges Dangerous Seductress presented. Finally, the SFX reel has Prouty providing a running commentary during the 4-minute regeneration scene. 11/12/04