Emanuelle's Daughter:
Queen of Sados
Greece - Cyprus / 1979
Directed by Elia Milonakos

Laura Gemser
Gabriele Tinti
Livia Russo
Color / 91 Minutes / Not Rated
Format: DVD / R1 - NTSC
Exploitation Digital
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Guest Review by Troy Howarth
Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) conspires to kill her abusive husband and get revenge on his cronies, all while trying to raise her young stepdaughter...
    Also known as Emanuelle's Daughter, Emanuelle: Queen of Sados is a tedious sexploitation potboiler. While the Greek locales and plentiful nudity from the likes of Laura Gemser and others gives the film some pictorial value (thus accounting for my possibly too generous rating... I guess I'm just a sucker for naked Mediterranean chicks), it is too clumsily staged and plotted to be engaging.
    Going in to a Laura Gemser Emanuelle picture, the viewer should have a good idea of what to expect plenty of nudity and softcore groping. Typical in a film of this sort, any time the plot gets in the way, entertainment value begins to wane. This is particularly troublesome in this film, which becomes increasingly soap opera-esque in the most laughable way imaginable. After setting up a convoluted tale of revenge, director Elia Milonakos seems to forget what the story is actually about! The last act is a rushed mess, ending on a most inappropriately abrupt note with several plot strands still left dangling and unresolved. Milonakos' staging is so flat and unfeeling that even the sex scenes become a little boring through repetition he tries livening them up a bit through arty cross-cutting, but it's not particularly effective. The subplot involving Emanuelle's stepdaughter feels particularly half-baked, and the scenes of young Livia Russo stripping down to take a shower, lose her virginity on the beach, or be subjected to a violent rape feel a little creepy since the actress in question looks to be significantly under 18 years of age; if indeed she was "of age" it certainly doesn't appear that way.
    It's really difficult to find much of interest in this film. The performances range from the disinterested (Gordon Mitchell, whose credits range from dreck like Frankenstein '80 to art house classics like Fellini Satyricon to any number of Italian sword and sandal pictures, pops up as a potential heavy) to the amateurish (Russo, in seemingly her only screen role, is particularly risible during her emotional scenes), and even Gemser seems a bit bored by it all. Gemser's real life lover Gabriele Tinti, a veteran of several Emanuelle flicks as well as Mario Bava's Lisa and the Devil (1972), shows up and has the requisite sex scene with Emanuelle but is otherwise given little to do. While there is some camp value in the tacky fashions (dig all those leisure suits, man!) and lethargic action scenes, ultimately Emanuelle: Queen of Sados is recommended only for the staunchest of skin flick enthusiasts. There are any number of similarly poorly made and plotted hardcore films that at least deliver where it counts.

Media Blaster's release of Emanuelle: Queen of Sados (packaged as Emanuelle's Daughter: Queen of Sados) is part of their Exploitation Digital line of DVDs. The fullframe image is reasonably colorful and comes from a decent source print. It's hard to tell if this was matted for theaters, or if this is a cropped release. Compositions are seldom particularly striking, and they appear to be well balanced, so the lack of letterboxing doesn't pose an obvious issue. Image quality is good if a little soft, though this could be the fault of the original cinematography. The mono English soundtrack is rife with laughable dubbing, but is otherwise clean and clear, showing off the funky score to its best advantage. Extras include silent outtakes from the filming (granting us different angles to some of the shots, only appreciated when it comes to Gemser stretching out to sunbathe on the beach), a photo gallery, and trailers for this film and other Media Blasters' erotica releases.
     The hilarious trailers for stinkers like Porno Holocaust and Yellow Emanuelle are actually more entertaining than the feature itself.