Sweden - U.S.A. | 1971
Directed by Floch Johnson
Christina Lindberg
Monica Ekman

Krister Ekman
| 80 Minutes | R
Format: DVD (R0 - NTSC)
Impulse Pictures
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Review by
Brian Lindsey
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SNEAK PREVIEW | DVD Release Date: June 24, 2008
From watching '70s Scandinavian sexploitation pics I've discerned two salient facts: (1) Virtually every young, innocent small town Swedish girl who travels to Stockholm and explores her sexuality is named "Inga", and (2) Swedes — like 90% of all white people — cannot dance.
18-year old Inga (Christina Lindberg of Anita - The Shocking Account of a Young Nymphomaniac and Thriller: A Cruel Picture) is all excited about visiting the big city, where her older sister Greta (Monica Ekman) has a job and her own apartment. Invited to stay for a week, she eagerly looks forward to a bit of shopping, sightseeing and bonding with Sis. But a rude surprise greets Inga when she arrives — Greta has a live-in lover, a sarcastic, tart-tongued slacker named Carsten (Krister Ekman). Apparently unemployed, this charming chap does nothing but laze about the flat all day in his bathrobe, smoking cigarillos and snarkily commenting on everything when he's not boinking Greta. (Now that's the good life, I say!) Greta swears Inga to silence about Carsten, making her promise never to tell their parents that she's shacking up with him. For some unfathomable reason Greta hopes to marry this jerk, even though their relationship seems to consist of nothing but tokin' weed, arguments and noisy make-up sex.
    Camped out on the sofa, Inga has little choice but to listen to them do the wild thing all night. Instead of just annoying her this triggers an awakening of her own repressed sexuality. Inga is rather naοve and innocent; as recounted in a flashback sequence, her only experiences with sex have been limited and unpleasant. (Accosted in a hometown bar by a group of drunken lads, she was 'rescued' by an older woman who turned out to be a predatory lesbian keen to take advantage of the situation.) But the sounds of her sister's lovemaking turn her on, driving her to masturbate. Then Inga agrees to go out on a blind date with one of Carsten's friends, Bjorn (Leif Naeslund), who is naturally quite impressed when they first meet. (She's frickin' Christina Lindberg, for God's sake!) He treats her to a pleasant night of dining and (spastic) dancing before taking her back to his pad, where he tries to rape her. Since this is very much a movie of the '70s, Inga initially resists but then willingly succumbs... She actually enjoys it. Before you know it she's holding hands and strolling through the park with the lucky bastard (who should probably be in jail). Is she in love? What will happen when it's time to return home? And what of Carsten? While Greta is away toiling at the office, he's got his randy eye on her foxy little sister...
    Despite its unusual lineage — a Swedish-American co-production, filmed in English by an Israeli director (Dan Wolman, under the amusing sobriquet "Floch Johnson") — Maid in Sweden is pretty much your standard "coming of age" skin flick of the type popular in the late '60s and early '70s. Most of the dialog appears to be improvised; significant stretches of the film's short running time are consumed by scenes of Greta, Inga, Carsten and/or Bjorn (in various combos) traipsing about Stockholm while accompanied by bouncy pop songs, sounding a good five years out of date, on the soundtrack. As indicated above, there's very little plot to speak of — it's just filler in between the nude scenes. Now, provided you're cuckoo for Christina this isn't necessarily a bad thing... The bodaciously babe-a-licious Lindberg sheds her clothes frequently, changing outfits, showering (in slow-motion on one memorable occasion) and shagging. In her youthful prime she had one incredibly hot bod. 'Nuff said.

Poor source materials sink this DVD. The fullframe transfer — taken from a dark, muddy, occasionally unstable video master — is obviously cropped. (Parts of the credits are lopped off.) Colors are either seriously off or washed out. The mono audio track is of decidedly inferior quality as well. Tinny and flat, instances of muffled dialog abound. The catchy songs are particularly ill-served.
    Typically Impulse's DVDs are completely bereft of supplements, lacking even trailers. Perhaps in an attempt to compensate for the lousy presentation of the movie they've tossed in a couple of extras this time... A ten minute interview with the now 58-year old
Christina Lindberg is interesting, if amateurishly shot on camcorder. (No post-production editing was done to slicken up this footage.) Sanguine about her film roles, she speaks about playing essentially the same character — and getting naked — in virtually all of them. The battered theatrical trailer is even more dire looking than the main feature.
    Maid in Sweden may not be a good film but I'd still consider it essential viewing for any bona fide member of the Lusting For Lindberg League. Unfortunately, this disappointing disc is probably the only way they'll be able to see it.