U.S.A. | 1981
Directed by Fred J. Lincoln
Loni Sanders
Ron Jeremy

Jean Damage
| 80 Minutes | XXX
Format: DVD(R1 - NTSC)
Impulse Pictures
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Review by
Troy Howarth

A group of husbands have an annual get together at a "lawyer's convention", leaving their spouses alone at home. It's all a sham, of course, as the guys go off to get their jollies; little do the husbands realize, though, that much the same is true of the wives they've left behind...
    Ah, vintage porn. Copious amounts of body hair. Perms as high as the eye can see. Mustaches. Lots of canned 'wokka wokka' muzak on the soundtrack. It's easy to forget in this era of shot-on-video screwfests, but there was a time when porn was shot on film, too. That's not to say that vintage always equals good, however. Some filmmakers with artistic aspirations managed to imbue their hardcore porn flicks with technical finesse, as evidenced in the work of Radley Metzger (Score, The Image), while others were very much of the point the camera at the actors and shoot school of filmmaking. Fred J. Lincoln, the director of Same Time Every Year, falls somewhere between the two stools. He definitely tries to bring a little style to the proceedings, indulging in some interesting juxtapositions of sound and image and crosscutting to keep the action from getting stale, but he doesn't manage to elevate the film much beyond its simple aspirations. Same Time Every Year, for better or worse, is pretty much a forerunner of the contemporary style of 'less plot, more sex' porn filmmaking.
    The action commences right away, as the various husbands bid adieu to their loving wives; copious screwing commences, before the boys set off for their yearly adventure. One sexual encounter follows the other, and all pretense to plot and coherence is pretty much thrown out the window. Lincoln (best known for his appearance as "Weasel" in Wes Craven's notorious Last House On the Left, 1972; he recently passed away in January of 2013) focuses his camera as much on the very real-looking reactions of the actors as they lose themselves in their erotic encounters, however, which makes for a nice change of pace from the overly gynecological approach of other hardcore sex filmmakers. The actors are required to mouth the usual brain-dead platitudes, but they appear to be enjoying themselves, and that is always key in films such as this. The cast includes some attractive performers, including Loni "Haiku" Sanders, Lee Carroll, and Brit-accented Kathy Harcourt the latter is particularly effective in getting properly down and dirty, thus adding some spice to her threesome scene towards the end of the picture. The men include such renowned woodsmen as future XXX director Paul Thomas, a young and slim Ron Jeremy, and Herschell Savage.
    Same Time Every Year delivers where it counts its aspirations may not be lofty, but it can hardly be accused of skimping on the goods. Fans of vintage erotica will likely enjoy it; viewers with an aversion to the au naturel look, however, may do well to look elsewhere for kicks.
Same Time Every Year has been released by the Impulse Pictures arm of Synapse. The 1.85/16x9 is derived from a somewhat battered, but complete, source print. There's ample scratching and colors appear a little on the faded side, but the image is sharp and detail is very good, bringing all that pubic hair into razor sharp relief. The mono soundtrack sounds as good as one can expect the funky score has plenty of presence, and the sundry moans and groans are clearly distinguishable. There are no extras to speak of. 2/16/13